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D.ENG: Mohammad ALSohime
General Manager

By the grace of god, our company started to  roduces precast floors panels in our first fully automated factory in Riyadh at 2014 under the strategic plan for the company to build a number of factories for the production of concrete prefab building components (floors - walls – stairs) to meet the growing demand for housing in the kingdom as well as to reduce costs and speed of delivery while maintaining quality and durability.


ORAK precast company provide you with the reinforced concrete prefabricated floor  manufactured by world – class automated factory in Riyadh that can be transported and installed  anywhere. The company’s engineering office and from your original building designs defines your needs of precast floor panels.


At ORAK Precast Co, we prioritize our clients' satisfaction and build strong relationships through clear communication and quality work. Our expertise in precast concrete products, including panels, walls, and construction solutions, allows us to understand and meet the specific needs of each project. As one of the top precast concrete companies and suppliers in Saudi Arabia, we deliver on our promises and strive to exceed our clients' expectations.


ORAK Precast Co brings your construction projects to life with years of experience and expertise in the precast industry. Our team of highly skilled professionals has completed a wide range of projects, from residential and commercial buildings to boundary walls and more, using top-quality precast concrete products. We understand the unique challenges of each project and provide tailored precast solutions. Trust us to bring your ideas to reality with our attention to detail and commitment to excellence in precast construction.


ORAK Precast Co takes accountability seriously. As one of the top precast concrete companies in Saudi Arabia, we are committed to delivering quality work on time and on budget. From precast construction and precast concrete products to panels and walls, we take full responsibility for every project we undertake. We keep our clients informed and involved throughout the process and ensure that our work meets and exceeds their expectations. Trust us for excellent customer service and a high-quality product.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

ORAK Precast Co. specializes in high-quality precast concrete products, utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced manufacturing processes. As one of the leading precast concrete companies in Saudi Arabia, we work with our partners Coote Engineering from the UK to ensure that our precast solutions meet the highest industry standards.

We are committed to promoting a culture of precast construction in the Kingdom, offering a wide range of precast concrete products such as walls, panels, and construction solutions. Trust us as your reliable precast concrete supplier and manufacturer in Saudi Arabia for all your construction needs.

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