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Precast site construction

Explore Our Precast Concrete Projects

Discover our portfolio of projects showcasing our high-quality precast concrete products such as hollow core slabs, beams, internal and external precast walls and boundary walls used in various successful constructions.

telal al-ghroub precast project


Telal Al-Ghroub

Telal Al-Ghroub, a significant precast project in Prince Fawaz District, Jeddah, comprises 176 seven-floor precast concrete buildings, showcasing ORAK's expertise in large-scale residential construction


Al-Badr Projects

Al-Badr project, located in Al-Badr District, Riyadh, features 34 precast villas, demonstrating ORAK's proficiency in creating high-quality precast concrete residential structures.

Al-Fursan precast Villas project


Al-Fursan Villas

"Al-Fursan Villas in Alkharj features 200 two-floor precast houses with diverse designs, exemplifying ORAK's versatility in precast concrete residential construction."


Al-Eskan Project

Al-Eskan Project in Riyadh features six residential precast buildings with 168 apartments, showcasing ORAK's comprehensive precast solutions, including landscaping and infrastructure.

Al-Eskan precast Project
Precast villa.png


Azyan Namar Project

Azyan Namar Project in Riyadh's Namar District boasts 400 precast villas, reflecting ORAK's excellence in mass residential precast concrete construction.

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